Wiveypool relies on volunteers to operate the entry gate

There is a rota on the gate if you can offer some time.

The new holiday rota starts on July 20th and in response to your comments the gate duties are now split up into shorter, 1 hour sessions.

Please put yourself down to cover the duty for as long as you wish.

Staff and committee are around to assist you & to explain what is involved. Mirren Boyle organises the gate duty rota and she would be grateful if you would leave your contact details in the back of the file.

Responsibilities of Gate duty volunteers

  • Check membership cards & give cards to members from the box
  • Take money from day members - £3.80 per Junior (aged 3 - 16) & £4.20 (adult). There is a ready reckoner available.
  • Ask day members to sign to keep the membership rules and take an emergency contact number for lone swimmers
    • Children15 years and under need parental permission to swim (members have this already) - check the guardian consent form list for permission - or give a form to children wishing to swim.
  • Assist people to join as members - forms in the gate box & issue a receipt for any money taken
  • Close the gate when the Senior Lifeguard instructs that we have reached maximum bathing load 84 people
    • You may be asked to help count swimmers (or those in bathing costumes) in the pool area.
    • Let people in as people leave - 1 out 1 in
    • Hang signs on the gate to let people know what is happening - (Thanks to Liz for this suggestion)
  • In an emergency - Lifeguard will blow the whistle for 3 short blasts listen for instructions and support the lifeguards
    • You may be asked to ring for an ambulance - phone is in the office with the emergency directions, post code and grid reference
    • Wear the high visibility vest (in the gate box) and go to the road to watch for the ambulance and direct them to the pool
    • Check that the route down the lane and across the car park is clear and that the recreation ground gate is open (key in the office if needed). Ask other people to help you to clear any cars blocking the route.