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Wiveypool is available for hire when there are no scheduled sessions.

This is a lovely setting for private parties, birthday parties and just a quiet swim with friends.

New sundeck & eating area.

The booking system for the 2017 season is not yet available.

Please book via the on-line booking system - payment will be taken by card or paypal at the time of booking.

The hire fee includes the cost of one lifeguard for up to 20 swimmers. For more than 20 swimmers or for a group of inexperienced swimmers or very young children you need to book 2 lifeguards.

  • Please contact wiveypool if you wish to use your own lifeguard or have any questions about your booking.

Please be aware that adults are expected to supervise young children in the water.

As part of the booking process a responsible adult will need to be assigned to communicate with the pool staff and to undertake to accept the pool rules on behalf of the group read more.

If you would like assistance with booking the pool please ask a lifeguard or contact the pool staff on 01984 624720.

The normal booking period is for 1 hour, this includes changing time. You may book the pool for any time period you wish (as long as it is available).

More information about Wiveypool and its facilities

The button on the lefthand side of the page 'Book Now' will take you to the private hire booking system

Cost per hour for up to 20 swimmers £55

Cost per hour for 20 - 40 swimmers or groups of young/inexperienced swimmers £70

Annual members get a £15 discount per hour

Discount for multiple bookings available :

* 10%: 5 hours - 19 hours

* 20%: over 20 hours

please contact pool staff on 01984 624720 or email to gain the discount (sessions will be invoiced)


Terms and conditions of hire:

1. The person hiring the pool must:

  a. Accept liability on behalf of all attendees

  b. Sign to accept the membership conditions and

  c. Appoint a person over 18 years to be in attendance to act as the 'Responsible Person'.

2. Adults1 must be in attendance for all junior groups 0 – 15 years Ratio:

  a. minimum of ONE adult for up to TEN, 8 - 15yrs olds inclusive

  b. ONE Adult per TWO children* 0 - 7 years old or weak/non-swimmers

If the pool attendant assesses that greater supervision is required, they may direct that ONE to ONE supervision is required.

3. The group or person hiring the pool must have a qualified Pool attendant [PA] on the pool side, who is approved by the WCSPC committee [WCSPCC] & appropriately insured.

4. The instructions of the Pool Attendant must be adhered to in the interests of safety.

5. Pool users must comply with the pool rules & code of conduct.

6. Food may be brought into the pool area with the prior approval of the WCSPC.

7. No Alcohol or glass containers to be brought into the pool or pool area.

8. Any damage to the pool, its surroundings or equipment, must be reported on an incident form which must be sent to the Chairman and the hirer may be liable to pay any cost arising.

9. All accidents to be reported to the Pool attendant and to be recorded in the incident folder located in the office.

· NB The first aid box is located on the shelf in the office and the Pool attendant will advise on its use.

· A telephone for emergency use is located in the office.

10. Use of the pool may be suspended in circumstances where our safety procedures dictate.

11. Bookings may be amended and cancelled but not within 7 days of the hire a 10% administrative charge is payable.


Pool contact number: 01984 624720 [24 hrs]

Please book the pool on-line [booking system will be available from April 1st 2018]

Enquiries: email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.