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Wiveliscombe Community Swimming Pool Club

Registered Charity Number: 1085807

Trustees of the Charity

Chair: Martin Keane

Treasurer: Helen Scribbins

Secretary: Mirren Boyle

Minutes of AGM 2017

All Trustees stand down at each AGM and all members of the club are eligible for election or re-election up to a maximum of 15 trustees - these form the executive committee who are responsible for the oversight and management of the pool within the terms of the constitution & within the Charity Commission regulations.

The day to day decison making & work for the pool is carried out by sub groups who report to the executive committee. People may be co-opted onto these sub-groups and they would not have the same responsibilies as the trustees of the charity.

Current sub-groups

Nomination form - please complete a nomination form to be considered for election as a trustee or appointed as a co-opted member of the WCSPC committee or sub-committees. If you would like to find out more about the responsibilities of a trustee please visit the Charity commission website or GOV.UK - The essential trustee what you need to know